Yellow Cake
A moist, tender treat. Sweet and rich without being overpowering.

Chocolate Cake
Full bodied and robust. Chocolate locked within a cake waiting to satisfy your craving

Carrot Cake
This tasty vegetable adds a unique texture and flavor to our cake to make a delicious dessert

Red Velvet Cake

A good helping of chocolate mixed with cream cheese icing make this a sinful delight


Apple Pie
Grandma’s favorite with real apples, a latticework top and flaky crust

Cherry Pie
Tart cherries bring life to this wonderful classic

Key Lime Pie

Key lime filling nestled in a flaky pie crust and covered with sweet pastry cream

Tea Breads

Vanilla Pound Cake
A southern classic. Moist and rich with a sweet, buttery flavor.

Blueberry Crunch Cake
The moist deliciousness of pound cake mixed with blueberries and topped with streusel.

Banana Nut Bread
The traditional favorite. Bananas and nuts bring life to this fabulous bread.


Fruit Tart
A sweet dough shell filled with pastry cream and topped with a full mound of fresh fruit.

Key Lime Tart
Light, creamy and made with real key lime juice. A Sweet Auburn Bakery staple.

Sweet Potato Tart
Rich potato filling tantalizes taste buds that beg for this tasty treat.


Cheese Danish
Light, flaky crust with a hint of cinnamon topped with a sweet cheese filling.

Apple Danish
Apple filling instead of cheese on this fabulous treat.

Lemon Danish
Lemon delights your every tart desire.


Sweet Potato Cheesecake
Two classics mixed to perfection on a graham cracker crust

New York Style Cheesecake
A purist’s delight. Tantalizing cheesecake without the extras

Strawberry Cheesecake
New York style cheesecake topped with glazed strawberries

Key Lime Cheesecake
The creamy texture of cheesecake


Apple and Cherry Turnover
A light flaky pastry dough stuffed full of sweet fruit filling

Raspberry Cigars
Pastry dough covered with raspberry and streusel then drizzled with icing

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Moist, sweet balls of chocolate blended with a fabulous raspberry sauce